Foods and Cuisines: Tips On Cookery


Foods and Cuisines: Foods are very essential to our everyday lives. All over the world, foods and cuisines serve as integral parts of nations cultures. The kind of food people eat in countries tells a lot about their history, as well as their traditions. The Liberian Billboard new Foods and Cuisines Desk will be bringing you tips on cooking, as well as how to prepare different kinds of foods and cuisines.

Today, we will like to share with you all few tips on cookery, the advantages and disadvantages of cookery.

Firstly, before becoming a good cook, you have to be very creative. Why? Because cookery is an act. You can never be a good or an improved cook if you are not trying something new whenever you enter the kitchen.

If you must be an experienced cook, it is imperative that you visit the kitchen often; try new recipes of your own and compare the results. A good cook must avoid too much heat or fire while cooking, unless you are making a dish that requires high temperature. Cooking with burnt scent on foods which gives the food a complete different flavor from the original, too much heat leads to that.

For quality results when cooking/baking, it’s highly essential to use the right measurement; a more or less of a single ingredient may mess up your meal.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in cookery, below are few:

1. Makes u a career person
2. Saves time
3. Saves money
4. Keeps your family closer

1. Burns on skin
2. Cuts
3. Broken nails
4. Rough palms
5. Staying in heat all of the time

Alimatu Nuri is a candidate for a  BBA degree in Supply Chain management (Procurement) with emphasis in Public Administration at the United Methodist University in Monrovia, Liberia. She is a professional caterer who does quality cooking and baking as per her customers desires. Alimatu has 7-years experience as a renowned cook, and works on developing and improving her skills with each passing day. She intends to integrate cultural foods and cuisines into her menus and create love for different kinds of food across all cultures and races.