Breaking News: Purported Sex Video Of Strong Gbana Pekin Circulates Social Media


Monrovia, Liberia- Information reaching the Liberian Billboard says, a sex video circulating social media and which has gone viral, is purported to be that of the Chief Executive Officer of the Liberian Billboard, Gbana TV and The Strong Gbana Pekin Facebook Group, Mr. Varney Anasters Teah, commonly known in Social and Political Circles as Strong Gbana Pekin.

The video which seem like a video call that was screen recorded, has a caller on the other side of the line but darkened. In the video, the individual said to be Mr. Teah is seen mesmerizing his private part.

In an interview with The Liberian Billboard, Mr. Teah not confirming nor denying the video said, he is not offended or bothered by whatever video that is being circulated.

“Usually, people find ways to denigrate people; especially when you are in the public eye. And most times, when things like these happen to some public personalities and they can’t stand it, it tends to break their self esteem or morale. Even people who are not in public eye get affected by these things. But for me, I will stand up to people who think they can bully other people with naked pictures or videos.”

Mr. Teah further stated that he was originally approached by an individual who claimed that his girlfriend was blocked from the Strong Gbana Pekin Facebook Group and that he had a video on him and threatened to share it. Mr. Teah further said, he responded to the individual to go ahead and that anyone breaks a law in the Strong Gbana Pekin Facebook Group, they are blocked by admins.

“After I received the threat, I went live and talked about it. And here’s another thing, I want Liberians to learn that people have different sexual fantasies and video sex or sharing nudes in any form with your partner is in no way wrong, although dangerous. The only wrong thing about it is when one party does not have consent to share it, and share it.

“People have to come to a point where they have to stop being intimidated or demeaned because somebody has a sex video or nude about them and share it or threaten to share it. And I want to send a clear message to everybody, that it is not wrong to express yourself sexually in the manner you want, as long as you are doing it privately and not with an underage individual. If the other party shares that nude material, it is your right in the confines of the law to take appropriate action”, Mr. Teah said.

When asked what he is going to do further, Mr. Teah told our correspondent that he is not bothered, neither is he going to give the “so called video” or anyone associated with any sharing relevance.

“And one last thing, if I have a partner who lives miles away from me and we feel sexually stimulated, we will express ourselves anyway or in any form we want 100 times 100; whether through video sex, or other means. Let whoever that is trying to get at me try harder. I am strong more than Nimba Mountain Iron Ore,” Mr. Teah concluded.