Audio: Housing Authority Boss Spending Night In Jail, Amid Corruption Scandal


Monrovia, Liberia- The Managing Director of the National Housing Authority, Mr. Duannah Siryon is spending the night in jail after he was picked up early Friday for questioning in a corruption web.

In a leaked audio posted above, Mr. Augustine Weah who represents GELPAZ, a company seeking a contract to construct 5,000 low income homes in Liberia, is heard explaining how Mr. Siryon requested the amount of US$460,000.00 for various officials of government before the contract can be signed.

The money, according to Mr. Augustine Weah was apportioned into various amounts by Mr. Duannah; US$160,000 for NHA, US$100,000 for Justice Minister, US$100,000 for Nathaniel McGill and US$100,000 for Finance.

However, Weah said his company did not have the amount Duannah requested but remitted US$80,000.00 through the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), for onward transmission to Minister Nathaniel McGill, other government officials, and the team at the National Housing Authority.

“After the US$80,000 was presented to Duanah Siryon, he told me, ‘I’ll give you US$20,000 to keep and I’ll take the US$60,000 to McGill to disburse.’,” Weah can be heard saying in the leaked audio.

Weah stated further, that Siryon requested a percentage in the construction, which he was offered, but pleaded that the deal should be kept secret from his deputies.

Weah made the revelation to some employees of the Housing Authority after he received information that Siryon had accused him of receiving US$400,000 for President George Weah and other members of the Executive branch for the purpose of finalizing the deal that would give GELPAZ the go-ahead to start construction works. Weah, a cousin to the President said, he was asked about the money by the President through a WhatsApp message when he was in Paris, France in September.

According to sources familiar with Mr. Siryon’s incarceration, he is cooperating with police in early investigations, but might be showing signs of bringing some big names into the fold.

“Duannah did not act on his own. He was instructed by McGill, and McGill received the US$80,000. You will hear the news before the weekend is over,” a government security source told The Liberian Billboard.

Minister Nathaniel McGill could not be reached for comments as he is currently out of the country, however, The Liberian Billboard is following up on all leads and will bring you new developments as information filter in.