Audio: Christoph’s MEMG Records Replies Bucky Raw Diss Track


Monrovia, Liberia- The beef between two of Liberia’s hottest musical prodigies, Christoph The Change and Bucky Raw seems to be never ending, with Christoph’s MEMG records releasing a “nuclear bomb” diss track called, “Case Closed”, in response to Bucky Raw’s “Open Casket” earlier diss track against Christoph.

Warning: Strong Language


The song which does not only attack Christoph, but also attacks his ex, Miss. Benita Urey, does not have feature Christoph, rather it features Rudeboy and Inno Dogg, two upcoming musicians, to who Christoph serve as mentor.

Two weeks ago on the program Conversation With the Stars which is hosted and Executive Produced by our Chief Executive Officer and Senior Publisher, Christoph referred to Bucky Raw as irrelevant, and that he was not going to pay attention to his track. However, a source close to Christoph’s MEMG record told The Liberian Billboard that fans wanted a response from Christoph desperately, and musicians from his record label told him that they would take the initiative to respond if Christoph doesn’t.

“Christoph is spending his time working on serious projects and does not have time to respond to Bucky’s nonsense. It is Bucky and Christoph pekin them on the same level. Christoph is way above Bucky, so he is not going to respond to him. He is pekin to Christoph, so let he and Christoph pekin them go at it. They are his equals,” the source from MEMG record told The Liberian Billboard.

Meanwhile, some fans of Buck Raw who spoke to our reporters said, Christoph is the brain behind the diss track and is only being a coward because coming to the forefront of it will make Bucky Raw to murder him in more diss tracks.

There have been no word from Bucky Raw yet, but the public and fans believe that he will respond appropriately as he does not back down from any fight.