“VP Never Influenced More Than Me Protest”; Vice President’s Office Reacts To News of Her Involvement


Monrovia, Liberia- The Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia has reacted sharply to news of the VP’s involvement with the protest staged by students of the More Than Me Academy in Monrovia, on Monday.

Multiple media entities reported that the Vice President may have had a hand in organizing the protest, since in fact, there seem to be a close relationship between she and the embattled Chief Executive Office of More Than Me, Ms. Katie Meyler.

In an interview with the Liberian Billboard, Solomon Ware, the Press Secretary to the Vice President vehemently denied the VP’s involvement in the protest as being insinuated by some media entities and few Liberians.

According to Mr. Ware, his boss had not come to work when the students arrived at the Capitol Building to meet with the Vice President on claims that they were being stigmatized in their various communities since the new about More Than Me broke out.

“I observed that they divided themselves into two groups; with one group going up at the Foreign Ministry, and another group coming to the capitol to meet the Vice President as the highest female ranking government oficial’, Mr. Ware said.

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

Mr. Ware further stated that after the students met the Vice President, they informed her that they are being called “AIDS Girls” in their communities; specifically, the West Point Area. He said, the students told the Vice President that this issue was causing them serious embarrassment, and as such, needed the intervention of the Vice President as a female, and a mother.

“The Vice President told the kids that government is currently looking into the case and needed them to remain calm.”

“Why would the Vice President engage in acts that is inimical to the progress of this government? besides, the Vice President has a foundation that has long existed and caters to victims of sexual based violence in the country. The foundation which earlier carried the name Mayostarfish Foundation was renamed and launched recently as jewel Starfish Foundation”, the Vice President Press Secretary added.

The Vice President Press Secretary stated that there are folks who always try to undermine the closeness between the Vice President and the President, and most times try to throw out news that has the propensity to destabilize the cordial and very friendly working relationship between the pair. He said, these individuals carryout these undermining tactics because they feel that the President and Vice President having a cordial working relationship could undermine their friendship with the President, something he said, the Vice President has no intention orchestrating.

Students of the More Than Me Academy displaying placards in support of the organization’s embattled CEO, Ms. Katie Meyler

Students of the More Than Me Academy staged a peaceful protest on Tuesday in support of the organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Katie Meyler, terming her as a person who care for their well-being. Many of the students who spoke to our correspondents said, they want the government to intervene in the stigmatization against them since the news entity ProPublica broke the news about Sexual Abuse carried out against underage females by a former employee of the organization. When asked about how they felt about Ms. Meyler, the students said they feel more positive about the school’s founder, as they do not hold her responsible for Mr. Macintosh Johnson action. They said, they see Ms. Meyler as someone who care for their well-being and her passion for the welfare of young women has helped many of them in a very positive way.

Meanwhile, some parents criticized the protests staged by students of the entity and accused Ms. Meyler of planning it.

“It is a PR scam for her to save face from what she and her former boyfriend did to our children. That’s why I pulled my daughter from their protest. This is pure nonsense”, a father of one of the students said.