Three Ways To Tell Him You Are Sexually Unsatisfied

The Liberian Billboard Sex and Dating Desk- There are lots of women that remain sexually unsatisfied in their relationships and don’t know how to change it.
Here’s how to tell your partner that you’re not getting what you need in the bedroom – even if they don’t seem to care.
1. Patience
If your partner isn’t giving you sexual satisfaction, it’s important to stay patient with them and be encouraging. When they do something that you like, let them know how much it turned you on or satisfied you. Encourage them to do what you really enjoy, without telling your partner what they’re doing wrong. Men are actually very sensitive when it comes to their bedroom techniques and can sometimes be put off if you criticize them.
2. Communication
If encouraging your partner to do the things you like isn’t working, it might be time to have an honest, open discussion with them about how you’re not feeling satisfied sexually. Again, this is not a conversation where you want to be critical or talk down to down to your partner. When discussing your sexual needs with your partner, make it all about you.
3. Do you think it’s time to move on?
If your partner isn’t into trying to satisfy you sexually, especially if you’ve made your needs very clear in the nicest way possible, it might be time for you to sit down and think about whether you’re with the right person or not. You deserve to be happy and sexually satisfied in any relationship you’re in, and even if you’re single! You don’t have to stay with your partner out of guilt, and if he’s not making you happy sexually, you have to think about how important that is in your life.