President Weah Launches Digital Online Registration Portal At UL


Monrovia, Liberia- The President of the Republic of Liberia, President George Manneh Weah, on Thursday, launched a digital online portal for registration at the University of Liberia.

The launch of the online portal for registration will help relieve students from the stress of manual registration process, which was tedious and time consuming.

Speaking during the Program, the President of the University of Liberia, Dr. Ophelia Weeks said, it was a historic day for Liberia and that she was overwhelmed with the launch of the online portal for registration because of the many challenges that the University faced in “every imaginable aspect” with the manual system of registration. She also thanked President Weah for making the registration automation system a priority, and told the audience that the new system will help the UL to be among the top 20 Universities in Africa in the next 7-years.

President Weah speaking at the occasion

President Weah in opening remarks said, “Liberians will not be spectators in their own country”, and praised the work of the Liberian Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO) for the professional manner in which they produced the online portal for registration. He cited the impact of the Student Government in the setting up of the system, but also urged them to desist from agitation whenever they have grievances. The Liberian President said, negotiations is the best way forward in getting anything done, and told the audience that revolutionaries are not people who destroy, rather, they are people who used their ideologies to make gains.

President Weah pose with officials of the UL Administration and Student body

Meanwhile, President George Weah used the occasion to appealed to all Student political parties of the University to keep the peace and use their leaders to negotiate on their behalf when they have issues. He said, at 22 years old, he decided to help students of the UL because he saw many young people who needed opportunities such as helping them to commute to school smoothly, as well as have their tuition paid.

“I am a fan of this University, and your know that”, President Weah said.

Jokingly, the Dr. Weah said, he is a registered member of all of the students political parties of the University of Liberia, and stressed the importance of protecting the state of the University for the country’s growth.

“Politics is gone now, we are talking about building Liberia”, President Weah added.

President Weah, UL officials and Students pose for a picture

Dr. Weah also told the audience, that only with peace can Liberia be developed, and many of the automated systems like the one being launched, will be at the fingertips of all Liberians, but was quick to remind students of the institution that constant disturbances by the student body will impede those kinds of progress.

In closing, President Weah thanked the students and faculty of the University for the efforts made in the launched of the portal, and acknowledge the cooperation between both groups. He praised the cordial working relationship between the University Administration and Student Leadership and expressed gladness for the setup of the system. President Weah said, his government will keep working with current and future administrations of the University of Liberia, to make the institution if not one of the best, the best in Africa and the world.

“Nothing is impossible. Liberia is the oldest independent African state. Liberia can be better”, the President said.

President Weah added, that he will work to do most of the things that were left undone by the previous administration, and said, “That’s the reason why I don’t criticize previous governments.” He also said, what happened in the past, is the past, but will need the help of all Liberians to make his vision of road connectivity come to fruition. Dr. Weah said, with good road network, anything is possible.

The Liberian President told the gathering, that he is a practical person and has mandated his Minister of Public Works to pave all the feeder roads in Montserrado County. He also stressed the importance of education, and highlighted his own efforts despite his wealth and age to get his high school diploma and college education.