President Weah’s EPS Deputy Chief of Operation Caught in Love Triangle


Monrovia, Liberia- Public Officials around the world are always expected to come to serve with high moral and social standing, however, Liberia’s case over the years has been distinct; with officials of government only appointed to positions based on personal affiliations or academic qualification.

Since the end of the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations where President George Weah made a case for Liberia, there has been a romantic controversy associated with his Deputy Chief of Operation for his Executive Protection Service (EPS).

According to reports, Mr. Seward Briggs, a one time aide and close confidant of of the President Weah before he won the 2017 elections, and now Deputy Director for Operations at the Executive Protection Service (EPS), is currently in affairs with two women, while married to another woman, with whom he have two kids, by Common Law Marriage.

Mr. Seward Briggs, Deputy Director for Operations, Executive Protection Service, Liberia

Circumstances relating to the incident came to public view when screenshots of conversations and pictures of Mr. Briggs, and one of his alleged lovers who goes by the name of Pappie Solo Jerjer was posted on social media by a Liberian Gossip blogger Saygee Alhassan. In few Facebook posts, Madam Alhassan posted that Pappie Solo Jerjer who goes by the real name of Jeraldine Monkonj Gbaa was a side chick to Mr. Briggs, and that he (Briggs) had promised to divorce his wife to marry her.

However, on another gossip blogger Gbalee Togba’s Facebook Live Show, Geraldine trashed allegations levied against her as a lie, stating that Mr. Briggs is not married and that she was his ideal relationship. She said, certain people just wanted to spoil her reputation and that a lady in the U.S. who was claiming to be the wife of the Deputy EPS Director commonly known as Unit 54D, was the one behind the attempt to smear her character. “I know she is the one behind all this, and the man is not married to her. She is only doing this out of for nothing hate and jealousy”, Madam Gbaa said.

Also appearing on Togba’s Facebook Live Show, was a brother of Seward known only by the name of Teddy. Teddy claimed that the post by Saygee was an attempt by haters to tarnish his brother’s reputation and want to see him fall off with president George Weah, with whom he has had a closed relationship for many years. However, Teddy refused to confirm or deny if Seward was married, neither did he confirm Seward’s relationship with Geraldine.

Barnie Peace Sieh, is said to have married Mr. Briggs traditionally

Meanwhile, the lady who has been accused of initiating the whole controversy through Saygee, Barnie Sieh appeared on Saygee’s Facebook Live Show late Monday to give her side of the story. Displaying a traditional marriage certificate, Barnie said, she and Briggs are legally married, and she has even been visiting Liberia in the past few months. She said, she first started to notice Briggs and Geraldine affair in July when she went to Liberia, and when she confronted him, he denied at first, but later confessed to the relationship stating, “I broke up with her because I caught her sleeping with one of my closed Lebanese friend who I used to send her to get money for me.”

Barnie said, at one point, she and Geraldine even exchanged messages after she was leaving Liberia to go back to the United States. She said, she really thought about ignoring the whole issue, until recently, when Briggs came to United States as part of the President’s United Nations General Assembly delegation.

“Before he came to the U.S., I was already informed that he sent Geraldine as part of the President’s advanced team. What surprised me even more, was to talk to Seward and he said he was in Philadephia, when I know he was suppose to be in New York”, Barnie said.

Madam Sieh said, after he left Philadephia, Seward flew to Minnesota to see her, and when she confronted him on the issue, it ignited confusion that led her to seizing his phone. She also accused the Deputy EPS Director of stealing US$5,000 from her home after he went to pick up his things from her house because he had her garage key. She said, she reported the missing money to local police, and also contacted Presidential Aide, Sekou Kalasco Damaro on the issue. Ms. Sieh said, she told Damaro that she had Briggs phone that contained some confidential information of the President and threatened to release those information to the public if she didn’t get her money Briggs stole. She said, Briggs was stopped from leaving the United States, but through the intervention of some people, she allowed the police to remove the order.

In response to Barnie’s claim, Jeraldine Gbaa in an interview with The Liberian Billboard said, Barnie is only claiming that Briggs stole from her as a revenge for him leaving her.

Jeraldine Monkonj Gbaa also known as Pappie Solo Jerjer is known by many, to be in a relationship with Mr. Briggs

“I did not want all this drama, but after she continuously texted me when she seized Seward’s phone, I had no alternative but to respond to her. It was how I told her that Seward filled a container with cars for me and that I was pregnant for him just to get her more upset. I am not pregnant, neither did Seward buy me any car, besides my same Honda Pilot I have been using for awhile now, is what I am still using”, Madam Gbaa said.

Meanwhile, a closed friend of Mr. Briggs who lives in Minnesota, Mr. Bobby Chelley said, he is only aware of one woman that his friend has, and that is his wife by Common Law Marriage, Madam Agnes Zomonway, with whom he have two kids. Speaking on Saygees’s “Da How It Looking” Facebook Live Show, Mr. Chelley said, he warned his friend Seward about dating Madam Barnie Sieh, after they met at his wife’s graduation earlier this year. He said, Barnie is known for hostilities when she can’t get her way and stated, “I saw this coming”. He however refused to accept that Seward stole any money from Barnie, and said, he and Seward have been friends for many years and that if any money is involved, that money might have been given to Seward by Barnie, but she is only retaliating now because of the other lady in question.

Madam Agnes Zomonway is known to be the ideal wife of Mr. Briggs, and they both have two kids together

In the meantime, there are unconfirmed reports that President George Weah has suspended Mr. Briggs for time indefinite. Sources at the Executive Mansion say, the President is reportedly angry with Director Briggs for allowing his personal phone to find itself in the hands of a lady who is using it to threaten the Liberia. Although Mr. Briggs is said to have told the President that nothing of a sensitive nature is in the phone, the President still sees it as a security threat, and have ordered his suspension.



Efforts to contact Director Seward Briggs and Madam Barnie Sieh up to press time proved futile.