National Port Authority: Is New Managing Director Cleaning The Mess?


Monrovia, Liberia- The National Port Authority was one of the governmental institution that had vacancy at the top for a long period since the government of President George Weah came to power. With the Deputy Managing Director for Administration Madam Celia Cuffy Brown acting as head of the entity for several months, several changes were said to have been made; many times criticized by employees of the entity. However, with the appointment of Hon. Bill Tweahway as Managing Director, it is being reported that he has begun to institute radical changes of his own.

Hon. Bill Twehway, Managing Director, National Port Authority

According to reports, Hon. Twehway who believes in his former legislative colleague Acarous Gray’s slang, “Cleaning the Mess”, has become instituting measures, as well as resetting and undoing some things the Acting Managing Director did.

On Monday, it was reported that the comptroller appointed by the Madam Celia Cuffy Brown, Mr. Franklin Sackor was dismissed due to financial misappropriations and lack of documentations to back certain spending.

Madam Celia Cuffy Brown, Deputy Managing Director for Administration, National Port Authority

A source familiar with the issue told The Liberian Billboard that the comptroller acting upon instructions from Madam Brown carried out a building demolition that they claimed cost around US$400,000, which further investigation proved didn’t cost even US$100,000. Sources say, documents related to the demolition could not accurately correlate, and many other misapplications were said to have been found, thereby prompting his dismissal by the new Managing Director.

In the meantime, sources also revealed that Hon. Twehway has begun the process of laying off or reassigning some employees that Madam Cuffy either promoted or brought employed. Reports say, the former Port Manager at Buchanan, Madam Oretha Zeon has been replaced with Mr. Charles MacArthur, while the sister of Madam Brown employed as Claims Manager during her tenure is said to be blacklisted for reassignment.

“Madam Brown was paying her sister, a Claims Manager US$4,500, while a Port Manager at Buchanan was making just US$1,500”, a source said.

Hon. Twehway is said to be dissatisfied with the pay disparities, as he believes all Managers should make the same amount.

Meanwhile, many employees of the entity have hailed the new Managing Director’s action, terming it as the way forward for the entity. Some employees of the entity who spoke to our correspondents said, there were many changes in the past few months that didn’t seem right, and they believe the new Managing Director will effect the necessary changes and make the required adjustments the Port needs.

On the other hand, some employees urged the new Managing Director to keep some of Madam Brown’s policies intact as it got rid of some of the loopholes in the port’s operational activities. Although they didn’t specify any policy, they said sometimes doing the same thing over and over just keeps a place at a stagnated position. Whether the Port was moving forward under Madam Brown’s leadership, they didn’t say, but hoped Hon. Twehway and Madam Brown can work in a cordial manner to see the Port move forward.