COCUBOMB Rebukes Speaker Chambers; Terms Him As “Unfit To Lead”


Monrovia, Liberia- The Concerned Citizens United to Bring Back Our Money (COCUBOMB), has sharply rebuked Speaker Bhofal Chambers for his recent statement as it relates to the Liberian Legislature not submitting herself to investigators currently investigating the L$16 billion saga.

In a press statement issue in Monrovia on Sunday, COCUBOMB, a coalition of over 26 civil society organizations said, they consider Speaker Chambers’ statement as “an unwarranted display of arrogance, crudity and scare tactic only intended to prejudice the ongoing forensic investigation.”

COCUBOMB said, the statement from Speaker Chanbers is an evidence of a “guilty Speaker” rather than an “innocent Speaker”. The organization said, they have reliably learned that Speaker Chambers purchased a compound on the GSA road valued at US$155,000.00, in May 2018, an information The Liberian Billboard could not confirm.

According to COCUBOMB, half of the amount paid for the purchase of the property by the speaker was paid in Liberian Dollars, while the other half was paid in United States Dollars.

“This is the same Speaker who has been accused of committing crime in the USA and clandestinely changing his name from Jallah Lahinin to Bhofal Chambers in order to fraudulently obtain a PhD degree in Criminal Justice. This is the same Speaker who was linked to conflict of interest and corruption by an audit report of IAA indicting him of having a 7.5 percent share in Liberia-China Investment Group, a Chinese Company that siphoned millions of dollars intended to construct Bong Technical College. Isn’t this the same Speaker who called for retributive justice yesterday, but in his opinion it is not necessary today? This is the same Speaker who unscrupulously ratified two loan agreements (ETON and EBOMAF) costing almost a billion dollar without instituting due diligence. Such a Speaker is only good enough to be described as the most inconsistent, incompetent, corrupt, and rubber-stamped since 1847. This is why COCUBOMB is demanding the immediate removal of Speaker Chambers because he is unfit to lead”, the release said.

COCUBOMB said, the Speaker needs to understand that the desire of the Liberian people is to see that circumstances surrounding the missing L$16 billion are fully investigated by foreign investigators and not a compromised investigative panel. The group challenged the Speaker to show any section of the Liberian constitution that exempts Lawmakers from being investigated, especially when the investigation has links to economic crimes.

“If Speaker Chambers has nothing to offer as a solution to Liberia’s socio-economic nightmare and increasing hardship as a result of rampant GREED and CORRUPTION, he should be inviting Minister Samuel Tweah to provide detailed explanation about how US$25 million was “infused” in the Liberian economy. Furthermore, Speaker Chambers is not the investigator and/or the judge to name anyone as a ‘Person of Interest’. He must give foreign investigators the chance to independently probe this matter”, the released added.

Meanwhile, COCUBOMB urged foreign investigators, including the FBI, not to give credence to “vain outbursts and guilt-ridden loudness”, terming the Sepaker’s statement as a purposeful alarm to create distractions. They further encouraged investigators to proceed with the investigation void of fear and called for a comprehensive audit of the National Legislature covering the period from 2006 up to present.

The group said, all those found culpable at the conclusion of investigations must be brought to account, and that COCUBOMB remains the most popular voice of the Liberian people in this regard.

“Speaker Chambers and his likes must understand this uncontested reality and immediately refrain from any further upsurge of arrogance and racketeering”, the statement concluded.