Breaking News: Three Students of UMU Jailed; For Sharing Nude Video of Another Student


Monrovia, Liberia- Three Students of the United Methodist University were on Wednesday, remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison for what court documents termed, the sharing of obscene materials.

Charlotte Dixon, the main suspect, left, and Deddeh Yarsiah, another suspect

According to our justice correspondent, four students of UMU, Charlotte Dixon, Deddeh Yarsiah, Anita Woods and Stephanie Ajavon were charged with sharing obscene materials, violating section 18.7 of the penal code law of the Republic of Liberia.

Sources say, on the last day of the final exams of the United Methodist University last semester, as it is a usual practice among female students, the victim (name withheld) along with the perpetrators decided to take some pictures in remembrance of the day. While taking these photos, the group noticed that the victim had a phone which produced nicer and clearer pictures.

“Charlotte Dixon, asked the victim to use her phone for the group photo, which she gladly did. After taking the photos, She then decided to go through the victim pictures and videos gallery, and while on her sneaky quest stumbled upon a nude video of the victim”, a source said.

Charlotte, according to our sources, immediately sent the video to one of the other three friends, who later transmitted it to the other two. From then onward, it became viral.

The two other suspects: Anita Woods; left, and Stephanie Ajavon; right

“The victim first reported the case to the police and made all of the accused to sign promissory notes, stating that any reemergence of the video will have them forwarded to court. Unfortunately for them, the video went viral over the weekend again, thereby influencing the victim to have them sued”, another source told our correspondent.

Charlotte Dixon, the main suspect was released on bail. It is understood that her boyfriend who goes by the name Moifee Konneh, and also a lawyer bailed her out. However, Deddeh Yarsiah, an employee of the Ministry of Public Works, Stephanie Ajavon and Anita Woods failed to come up with the bail amount and were incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison pending trial.

Section 18.7 of the Liberian Penal Code Law says, “A person has committed a first degree misdemeanor if he disseminates obscene material, or such
person produces, transports, or sends obscene material, with the purpose that it be disseminated, unless the dissemination is carried on in such a manner as to minimize risk of exposure to children under sixteen years of age and to persons who had no effective opportunity to choose not to be so exposed. “Disseminate” means sell, lease, advertise, broadcast, exhibit, or distribute.”

The suspects shielding their faces from cameras when being escorted to jail

The law states that a material is “obscene” if, taken as a whole, it:
(a) Has as its exclusive theme an appeal to prurient interest in sex of the average person, or in the
case of material designed for or disseminated to special groups, to the prurient interest in sex of the members of that group; and
(b) Is utterly without social value to the persons to whom the dissemination is addressed. Advertising and manner of distribution may be considered, where relevant, in determining the social value of the material.  

For the past one week, Liberians in and out of Liberia have been have been wowed with the release of different types of nude pictures and video from unknown sources, an act which have created trauma on many victims.

Many females who spoke to The Liberian Billboard, expressed total bewilderment at the way in which the nudes of Liberian females are been shared via social media.

Stephanie Ajavon, Anita Woods and Deddeh Yarsiah being escorted to jail

“Most of these boys and men are irresponsible, and these girls need to stop sending them naked pictures and videos”, Ma Massa Sheriff, an elderly Liberian female said.



Meanwhile, some Liberian Men who spoke to our correspondents said, most Liberian females are usually the ones who take upon themselves to share their fellow females nude pictures and videos and even request it the most when news about a leaked sex tape or nude videos are circulating.