Breaking News: Major Reshuffle To Take Place In Liberian Gov’t In January


Monrovia, Liberia- Reports reaching The Liberian Billboard says, President George Manneh Weah is expected to make major changes in government as soon as January 2019.

According to reports, President Weah is not satisfied with the way many appointees are performing, and the shake-up will affect many top ministries and agencies of government.

“The President say he will screen everybody and will not make any exception when looking at the performance of Ministers, Directors and other officials. He is not satisfied with plenty people”, a source said.

Sources also say, the reshuffle will not only affect heads of ministries and agencies, but will also affect some of their deputies, assistants and departmental heads.

The news of a government reshuffle comes on the heels of public outcry about the poor performances of some government officials who prefer throwing social media diatribes to actual governmental operations. Another source who asked to remain on condition of anonymity said, President Weah often observe the activities of Government Officials on Social Media, and has in recent times, been comparing their time spent of social media platforms, to their actual work in government.

“President Weah is aware that some people are not working and some have been misplaced. Some people are really not doing anything at all, and he is not satisfied about it. The man said he will correct all of that at the start of the year. He will dismiss some people, and other people will be reassigned”, the source said.

News of this reshuffle according to reports is already making some officials of government jittery, although no official statement has come from the Ministry of State about the issue.

This is a breaking story, and The Liberian Billboard will keep you updated on more developments.