Breaking News: Bucky Raw Apologizes To Christoph; As Christoph Ignores Diss Track


Monrovia, Liberia- Just two days after the release of a very brutal diss track against Christoph, Bucky Raw has issued an apology to his fellow Liberian Artist.

The Facebook Post made by Bucky Raw immediately after Christoph’s interview

In a Facebook Post immediately after Christoph’s interview on the Strong Gbana Pekin program, Conversation With the Stars, Bucky Raw said, his intent of the diss track was only to sell his music, and clarified that he does not have problems with gay people.

Whether the “gay” used in the post was in reference to Christoph is not clear, but Bucky said, watching the interview made him feel bad, and that at the end, he and Christoph are both artists.

Earlier on Conversation With the Stars, Christoph said he he was not bothered by Bucky’s diss song, wouldn’t dignify it, and that he was only concerned with his current projects. He said, other musicians often try to use his stardom to get some popularity, but always like to use it negatively by coming at him and saying things that are not okay.

Responding to screenshots leaked from conversations by his exes, Christoph refused to directly engage the question, but said, he respects women and won’t retaliate in any disrespectful manner against them. He urged upcoming musicians to work hard, be humble and keep the focus, as it will help their career to a great extent.