Audio: Bucky Raw “Open Casket” Disses Christoph and Chilla-Coolnane


Monrovia, Liberia- The Bucky Raw and Christoph-Chilla-Coolnane beef has taken another trend with Bucky Raw releasing a very intimidating diss record about his fellow Liberian musicians.

In the song, Bucky Raw alleges that Christoph is gay, while trashing Chilla-Coolnane as a nobody. Using his usual trapco style, Bucky revealed how Christoph was attacked in Philadephia and he (Bucky) had to save him, and also lashing about Christoph requesting cocaine from him at a point in time. Listen to the music below….


With this song released, we expect a response from Christoph who is known for never backing down from these kinds of controversies.

Inside sources say, the beef between Bucky Raw and Christoph started over a girl, however, we have not been able to verify that info. We will keep you updated with the beef as it unfolds…


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