Amb. Kanvee Gaines Adams Responds to Critics About Her Appearance


Monrovia, Liberia- Liberian Gospel Musical Star Amb. Kanvee Gaines Adams has responded to critics as it relates to her recent style and fashion trend.

Speaking on the program Conversation With the Stars hosted by Liberian Social Media icon Strong Gbana Pekin, Amb. Adams said, changing her hair color does not makes difference from who she is. She said, she have come to the conclusion of not being bothered about any criticism because Liberia is full of hypocrites. Madam Adams said, many Christians are so hypocritical to the point that they don’t care what God sees them to be, rather, they care about how a fellow human sees them.

“They will be fixing themselves in a holy way, but their deeds are dirty”, Amb. Adams said.

Madam Adams said, since she joined Christianity, she has seen a high level of hypocrisy because Christians would want other people to carry themselves a certain way but won’t realize that things such as gossips, hate, envy and immorality are not of God also.

“I have come to the point that I think we’ve been judging people the wrong way. I think Christians need to stop this fake attitude. It is not about what you look like. It is about the God you serve,” Kanvee added.

The Liberian Gospel Ambassador said, decision to change her hair was thought about thoroughly before being done, and with her husband’s approval, she did it. Amb. Adams told viewers, that many people are leaving the Church because Christians are acting too holy to the point that they fail to accommodate people from outside.

In the meantime, Amb. Adams called on the government of Liberia to pay attention to the copyrights laws of Liberia, as artists are suffering at the hands of pirates. She said, failure of the government to adequately enforce the law, have taken heavy toll on artists who make nothing out of their music because people freely reproduce and sell it without being reprimanded. She also stressed the importance of unity among Liberian artists and said, only with one voice, can they push government to act.