Morlu Calls President Sirleaf “A TRC Indicted Criminal”, Accuses Her of Being A Propagandist


Monrovia, Liberia- The Chairman of Liberia’s ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mr. Mulbah K. Morlu Jr., has labeled former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf a propagandist and branded her “A TRC indicted criminal”, solely blaming her administration for the disappearance of the L$15 billion banknotes.

Speaking Saturday at the party headquarters in Monrovia, Mr. Morlu said, all of the missing banknotes currently being discussed, were printed during the Sirleaf’s administration, and that officials of the Central Bank during her tenure, including her son Charles Sirleaf should be held liable for the missing banknotes.

Chairman Morlu accused the former President of trying to protect former and current officials of the Central Bank who have direct connection to her by issuing statements in the media, which undermines the current investigation, as well as attempting to place the blame on this administration.

“The President in his wisdom has constituted a committee to investigate; including credible institutions; both domestic and international.”

“In an ongoing scenario like what we have in our country now, when a the President constitute a committee to investigate, we must give that process a chance to derive findings and make recommendations. It is incumbent upon all of us Liberians, be it CDCians or otherwise, to respect that process and give the committee a chance to investigate, until findings are derived and submitted to the office of the President”, Mr. Morlu said.

The CDC Chairman urged to public to stop being speculative, but expressed surprise at President Sirleaf’s statements on the issue.

“That’s why I was surprise at President Sirleaf who has become a propagandist, only because it is allegedly known that there are elements at the Central Bank who have always been there during her tenure, that may have been involved in the ongoing saga, who names may be linked to her name. In fact, some are her children”, the ruling party Chair opined.

He said, he was shocked when Madam Sirleaf asked about President Weah activities for the last six months of his Presidency, and once again accused her of being a propagandist for saying the current government and President Weah have dragged Liberia’s image in the mud.

Mr. Morlu also said, President Sirleaf has no credibility to accuse the current government of tarnishing Liberia’s image, as she have not accounted for billions in direct foreign aid and investments received from international partners during her administration. Chairman Morlu labeled the former President as a TRC indicted criminal.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulbah K. Morlu Jr., has defended President George Weah against links to the current missing banknotes, alleging that all missing monies are directly linked to the Sirleaf’s administration. Chairman Morlu said, President Weah is a man of integrity, and will never be involved in any act of corruption.

The CDC Chair used the press conference to call on all CDCians not to form part of the planned Monday protest by the opposition and some members of the civil society. He urged CDCians to go about their normal business, downplaying attempts by the opposition to protest for the missing banknotes. He accused the leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alex Cummings of financing chaos in the country and said, Mr. Cummings will be liable if anything out of the ordinary happens on Monday.