Mo Ali’s Reassignment: Witch-hunt or Turned-Table?


Monrovia, Liberia- Days after the Bring Our Money Back protest, rumors about the dismissal of opposition Unity Party spokesman begun to filter in political circles around the Liberia. In fact, right after the protest, officials of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change made statements in reference to Mr. Ali deserting work to join the protest. These rumors became truth in part when the Assistant Secretary General for Press and Public Affairs of the UP was reassigned as regional director of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for the Southeast region of the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning, demoting him from Director of the WASH Department of the Ministry. The big question is, was this a witch-hunt? Or has the table turned on Mr. Ali?

According to reports, Ali’s transfer has been in works for awhile. Originally, the Unity Party spokesman was tipped to be transferred to Public Works in  the same capacity, but he requested going to the Ministry of Health instead. While the process for his transfer at the Civil Service Agency was not fully approved, Mr. Ali actively engaged the ruling party as an opposition spokesman in debates on and off Social Media. Then came the missing L$16 billion saga.

After the issue of the missing L$16 billions emerged, debates between the ruling party and the opposition elevated to another level, thus igniting calls for a protest. Our investigation revealed, Mr. Ali, being a force in the opposition was deeply involved with the planning process and on the day of the protest, was seen as one of the faces in the forefront.

Ali’s presence immediately caught the attention of CDC’s Chair, Mulbah Morlu Jr., who during a press conference after the protest, made mention of the UP stalwart’s absence from work. Few days later, Ali received instruction to take up assignment as a regional WASH director in Grand Kru County.

The timing of Ali’s reassignment can’t be ignored. Just within the period where he participated in a protest against the government, he is reassigned outside Monrovia, which would raise a red flag to anyone. In addition, his transfer to the Ministry of Health had delayed for a period of time at the Civil Service Agency, but within the space few days, was able to get a Letter of Reassignment.

To some Liberians, especially ones who are aligned with the opposition block, Ali’s reassignment was a witch-hunt; indirectly firing him, since officials know that it would be impossible for him to take up the assignment. Liberians who are mostly supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change pointed out Ali’s time with the past regime as been one of “tantrums throwing” at members of the then opposition CDC. One CDCian told the Liberian Billboard, “Ali was one of the main one who used to give us talk when we were in opposition. At least he was not fired. He still got a job under this government, but the table has turned.”

Ali, during the Unity Party regime, was not shy of going back and forth with the the then opposition Coalition for Democratic Change. On many occasions, he engaged partisans of the CDC in serious debates, and in some instances, harsh words were exchanged. Whether his assignment was based on past and present exchanges between he and CDCians, that The Liberian Billboard cannot confirmed, however, the timing of his

Up to press time, The Liberian Billboard did not hear or see any official statement from Mr. Mo Ali. Whether he would take up the assignment, is yet to be known.

The Liberian Billboard will bring you subsequent developments as they filter in.