Breaking News: Nagbe Resigns; Pres. Weah Rejects

Monrovia, Liberia- Reports just reaching the Liberian Billboard says, late Thursday, the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Liberia, Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe submitted a Letter of Resignation to President George Weah, a letter the President refused to accept.
According to sources who asked to remain on condition of anonymity, Nagbe’s resignation come on the heels of Finance Minister Samuel Tweah bashing of the Information Minister earlier, on a local radio talk show.
The report further states, President George Weah is angry at the manner in which Finance Minister Samuel Tweah spoke on Thursday, and sees Tweah’s action as a disrespect to his colleague, who is also a senior official of government. Our sources say, the President is considering some tough actions on the current missing L$16 billion saga, but stopped short of identifying actions he is expected to take.
“Some CDCians, including Minister Tweah are alleging that Minister Nagbe still works for President Sirleaf, and will want to take her side in the whole money issue, so they see Nagbe as a threat. That is why Tweah intentionally went on air to condemn Nagbe”, one source told The Liberian Billboard.
In the meantime, the regular GOL Press Briefing that takes place every Thursday was today called off after officials at the Ministry of Information reportedly refused Finance Minister Tweah entrance into the building for such purpose. Sources say, his direct condemnation of Minister Eugene Nagbe earlier on, led to the action, as junior ministers and staffers at the Ministry saw it as a serious affront to the entity.
The Liberian Billboard will keep updating you on additional developments.