Breaking News: Big Hands Behind Missing L$9 billion (US$60 million)?


Monrovia, Liberia- A fortnight ago, there were reports of a missing container containing L$9 billion (US$60 million), and to date, the container has still not been found. According to reports, the container got missing on March 31, 2018, and can’t be traced. The big question is, where is the container? The Liberian Billboard investigative team has been investigating and reports.

Our investigation reveals, that on March 31, 2018, eight persons from the Central Bank of Liberia took delivery of the container containing the money. Mrs. Mariea E. Grisby-Toe, Director, General Services, Musulyn R.B. Jackson, Oldada Deshield and five other employees of the Central Bank are believed to have signed for the container, however, the container was not taken to any facility of the Central Bank. Brokers who cleared the container from the port were, Lawrence Sirleaf and Ms. Elise J. N. Jolo of JVS Enterprise Inc.

Three credible sources that hold top positions at top government security agencies told The Liberian Billboard early this morning, that reports by Hot Pepper Newspaper about the NSA visiting the Central Bank of Liberia last week to conduct an investigation on the matter are true, but revealed some other details. The Hot Pepper reported last week, that the Auditing Department of the CBL was sealed off and staffers detained, while searches were conducted.

According to our sources who requested to remain on condition of anonymity, the container is not missing as being reported, but was ordered carried to another location by certain top government officials and individuals associated with the government, and that the US$25 million promised by the government to be infused into the economy to reduce the economic hardship is heavily associated with the missing container. Our sources refused to name the officials and individuals involved, as it would somehow reveal their identities, but they told The Liberian Billboard, that people who command strong influence and have the President’s ear, are involved.

“The whole NSA searching of the CBL is just a cover-up. They know the location of the money, and they know what they are doing with it”, one of our sources said. “You think why the Police and NSA can’t say anything? Nothing will come out of that investigation. I am not sure if the President knows about it, but if the US$25 million from the amount will be used from it to be infused into the economy, then it is hard to believe that he does not have an idea about it”, another sources said.

Our sources further said, that to save face, the government might find some individuals to take the fall, but that there is no possibility that money coming into the country which passed through normal Freeport of Monrovia shipping processes, and signed for by employees of the Central Bank of Liberia, will go missing. “As people who have worked in governmental security apparatuses under various administrations, counterfeiters or thieves do not leave that kind of trail. That should be a common sense scenario to anybody. They have the money, and they know what they are doing with it”, our sources said.

Although they stopped short of revealing the location of the money to The Liberian Billboard, again for fear of being identified, our sources revealed, the printed banknotes are in high denominations; mostly L$50, L$100 and L$500 notes.

Liberian 500.00 banknote

This information could not be independently verified as efforts to make contact with relevant security and financial authorities didn’t materialize, meanwhile, there remain a big question. If it is true that US$25 million was used from the missing money for the purpose of infusing it into the economy, what happened to the remaining the remaining US$35 million?

The Liberian Billboard is still conducting additional investigation, especially about all officials and individuals who are associated with the missing container. We will update the public as soon as additional information comes in.