“Beat It, Driver Beat It!!!!”: President Weah Fires Shots At Opposition In A Fiery Speech


Monrovia, Liberia- Back from representing Liberia at the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA, the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah, in a fiery speech, fired shots at the opposition, and spoke exclusively on the missing L$16 billion saga.

Speaking at an intercessory service organized by the Government of Liberia, in collaboration with the Liberian Christian Community, President Weah urged Liberians to change their attitudes and learn how to respond to issues constructively. The Liberian President told the audience, that after news of missing L$9 billion and L$16 billion were reported by two media institutions, the Government of Liberia decided to ask parties involved with the nation’s monetary transactions about what occurred, and even requested international partners to form a part of the investigation process.

The Liberian President in a hyped tone, blasted the opposition and organizers of the Bring Back Our Money protest for calls made to the International Community to place sanctions on both financial and material aid to Liberia.

“The Government which was in power that had the right to print money, you didn’t ask people to sanction them, but we who haven’t put in any allocation to print money, are the ones you people are calling for the International Community to sanction”, President Weah propounded.

Dr. Weah said, as Senator, he refused to sign the first bill sent to the Senate in 2016 for the printing of L$5 billion, and also refused to sign an additional resolution calling asking for the printing of additional amounts.

“The only reason I refused to sign, was not because I wanted Liberia to suffer, no. I believed that it was not the right time to print money, and that the money they wanted to pay to print new money, could have been used for Liberia, until new government takes over to print new money. On that basis, I did not sign”, the Liberian President added.

Meanwhile, President Weah has compared the action of the Liberian Opposition to a famous local football song titled, “Beat It, Driver Beat It”. The President said, during his local soccer playing days, whenever they were going on a trip for a game, they would sing the song urging the driver to speed up, and when the driver accelerated and made dangerous maneuvers, they as occupants of the vehicle who urged the driver to speed in the first place, would start accusing him of endangering their lives. He said that is similar action the Liberian opposition and the protest organizers are performing as it relates to their call for financial sanction on Liberian. Dr. Weah said, if the international community heed their calls and place financial and material sanctions on the country, it will affect the whole country, including the opposition and protesters.

President Weah also used the time to throw shade at the past government who are now deeply embedded in the opposition struggle. He said, despite all their level of education and knowledge of Liberia’s GDP, they were not able to move Liberia forward, making specific reference to the deplorable road condition in the country. Dr. Weah told Liberians at the service, that if there is anyone who shouldn’t know what GDP is, should be him, because the opposition have said he does not know anything.

“When the competent is not available, the incompetent become available”, President Weah boasted.

President Weah reminded Liberians that his government top priority remains road construction. “That is why I have instructed my Public Works Minister, GDP, or no GDP, build all the feeder roads”, Dr. Weah told the audience.

He said, it is sad that past a government who led for 12-years and was helped by members of the opposition, are the ones trying to undermine his government. The President said, when he was queried about taking the post of Peace Ambassador during the Unity Party regime, he told people that he was doing it for Liberia, and not for himself, and highlighted the importance of peace in nation building and development. He said, anyone who wishes for him to fail, will be doing harm to Liberia.

In the meantime, President George Manneh Weah has assured Liberians that his government will get to the bottom of the missing L$16 billion saga. He asked Liberians to be patient as the investigation go on, and said, if anyone is found culpable of any wrongdoing, will be asked to repay the money and will be prosecuted.

In closing, the Liberian President called on Liberians to join hands with him in moving the country forward, and also reminded the opposition that campaign is over  and gone. He said, he is focused on giving back to humanity, and as he will be turning 52-years on Monday, will pray for Liberia and all Liberians.