5 Common Lies Women Tell In A Relationship


The Liberian Billboard Sex and Dating Desk- Every relationship has its own mode of operations because human behavioral patterns are different, however, all relationships share common scenarios. The Liberian Billboard has researched and found five common lies women tell in a relationship.

Women are usually the magnetic factor in any relationship. Their response and attitude toward issues and situations often determine the direction at which a relationship will take. Below, are five common lies women tell in a relationship:

1. Money does not matter
While it is true that money is not the primary reason why women enter into relationships, it is still untrue for them to say that money does not mean much to them.
Every woman desires the comfort that money brings; and while they might be willing to stick with their men when things are a bit rough, it still does not make it a valid statement when such women say that money does not matte to them.
2. I have a headache
This is a classic one that is always used by women to avoid sex.
In order to bruise a man’s ego or bring about feelings of being rejected, women would say they have a terrible headache when their partners try to initiate sexual content with them.
Some even go as far as saying they are observing a fast…
3. I don’t know
Women always know. So when you ask your girl about something and she says she has no idea about it, “chances are that  [they] do know, but [they] do not want to say it.”
4. I’m fine
When women say they are ok, they usually aren’t.
Women would rather pretend all is well, instead of opening up on a matter that could potentially make their partners feel bad.
5. “Only three men I have slept with”
Most times, women reduce the number of guys they’ve been with to a figure their new partners can ‘deal with.’
A relationship blogger wrote, “when women downplay the number of their previous ‘sexcapades,’  it is in order to soothe the ego of their partner who might have issues coming to terms with the exact number, and relating with them normally without comparing himself to those past lovers.”
It’s often not about the woman being ashamed of herself, she says.