Strong Gbana Pekin officially launches online Television; says it’s just the beginning of a media empire


Monrovia- What started as normal jokes on social and political issues on Social Media is gradually turning into a consolidation of media entities, with Varney Anasters Teah, commonly known as Strong Gbana Pekin officially launching an online Television network named and styled Gbana TV.

Mr. Teah who is also the Chief Executive Officer of The Liberian Billboard and The Strong Gbana Pekin Show Facebook Group said, this is just the beginning of what is going to be a large media empire. He said, “Our goal is to open a state-of-the-art media empire in our home country Liberia, one that will be compared to other international media entities”. The Social and Political Advocate; Comedian and Motivational writer said, Gbana TV will broadcast mostly Liberian and African contents, plus some limited Western contents. He said, the goal is to expose Liberian and African culture to the outside world, and make other countries and continents understand the true meaning of our African heritage.

In a related development, Mr. Varney Anasters Teah, CEO of the Strong Gbana Pekin Show has announced that he will shortly begin airing his new hit shows, Conversation With the Stars and The Lonestar Cell MTN Strong Gbana Pekin Facebook Live Show on Gbana TV. According to Mr. Teah, repeats of the Facebook Live Shows will be aired on Gbana TV until as such time the technology to host it live will be available. He said, the shows will be aired live very soon.