President Weah appoints Sen. Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe County to replace retiring Justice Philip Banks


Monrovia- President George Weah has appointed Cllr. Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe county to replace retiring Associate Justice of the Supreme court, His Honor, justice Philip A. Z. Banks.

The appointment of Senator Nagbe by the President will see another South-Easterner on the Supreme Court Bench, with Justice Sie-A-Nyene Yuoh, a Marylander already serving as one of the Associate Justices. Senator Nagbe’s appointment requires confirmation by the Liberian Senate where he currently serves as a Senator, and if confirmed, Sinoe County will need to hold a by-election for the vacant seat that will be left by Hon. Nagbe. This will bring the National Elections Commission to holding two by-elections, the first pending for the House of representatives as a result of Hon. Saah Joseph election to the Senate.

Senator Joseph Nagbe celebrates with his daughter after he received new of the appointment

Senator Nagbe’s appointment has not been void of criticism. The opposition is contending that the President appointment of Hon. Nagbe is a waste to taxpayers, as his confirmation will require the holding of a by-election which will be a strain on Liberia’s already struggling budget. Partisans of the new political coalition which comprise of the Unity Party, Alternative National Congress and the Liberty party, have taken to airwaves and social media to criticize the President’s action. They said President Weah should have appointed any other reputable lawyer to avoid additional expenses on the part of the government which is already struggling to fix the country’s economic problems.

In the meantime, members of the ruling party have reacted to the opposition criticism of the President’s appointment of Senator Nagbe. Partisans of the Coalition for Democratic Change, some of which are officials of government told the Liberian Billboard that the President is acting in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of Liberia and as such, the opposition criticisms have no basis.

The confirmation process of Senator Nagbe is expected to commence soon, and many observers see it as one which will not have many obstacles as the Senator is a respected member of that body, and in fact, currently serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee.