Nuchie Meek’s “This is Liberia” song explains everyday realities


The Liberian Billboard Entertainment Desk- Liberian music have in recent times made significant improvements.  Sound engineers, producers and musicians have stepped up their game in a big way. 

Many artists now spit salivating lyrics which explain everyday issues, tell love stories, while some even teach valuable lessons. This is the case of a young Liberian rapper, Nuchie Meek who recently launched a song called, “This is Liberia”.

In the rap-music, Nuchie Meek points out real issues that have affected and is still affecting the Liberian society, with a punch line, “Liberian man is Liberian man problem” clearly identifying the societal blame to the core.

Because of the realities and true messaging of this song, The Liberian Billboard Entertainment Desk have selected Nuchie Meek’s “This is Liberia” as our music of the week….