Liberian women angry over Men US$20.00 giving habit; says they risk losing the nation’s good women to foreigners


Monrovia- As it is a societal norm that a man is supposed to take care of his family or provide for his relationship, that norm is gradually becoming history as Liberian men seem to be reneging on that responsibility. This action on the part of Liberian men as some told the The Liberian Billboard, is caused by either the economic situation, or deliberate action. The Liberian Billboard Love and Relationship Desk spoke with some Liberian women who expressed dissatisifaction at the way their men have all adopted to a single amount of giving when they request money from them.

Speaking to The Liberian Billboard, a cross section of Liberian Women said, most Liberian Men these days only give women the highest amount of US$20.00. They said, it does not matter the status of the person, once a lady ask a Liberian Man (her fiance) for money to fix hair, nails or buy something, they will only give US$20.00 and does not care if the amount they need is more. “It look like Liberian Men went for meeting, because all of them giving the same amout”, one of the ladies said.

The single ladies among the cross section of women we spoke to, informed The Liberian Billboard that even the US$20.00 is given by level. They said, High School boyfriends give their girlfriends around US$5.00, while the University boys try between US$10-15.00, and working men including government employees and officials stop at US$20.00. Ms. Fatu Johnson, one of the single ladies said, “Imagine, you will leave your house from Paynesvile to Brewerville to visit your boyfriend, and he only give you 20.00 after you have told him you need money from him to take care of something. When you finish paying your way, the money finish.”

Mrs. Clarina Sackie told our correspondent, “Even the married men inside. My husband will give me US$20.00 for whole week food money for a home with 11 persons. Then he want me buy gas for generator from that same money.” Mrs. Sackie said, it’s not that her husband does not have money; she told The Liberian Billboard that her husband makes good 4-figures United States Dollars salary. “This is not my one. Plenty of my married friends can cry on the same problem too. I want agree with this little girl (referring to Fatu Johnson) that they went for meeting about this amount.”

Many young and elderly Liberian woman we spoke to, expressed their immense dissatisifaction at the lack of conscience on the part of Liberia men and warned that they risk losing many of the country’s beautiful and upcoming women to foreigners. “Liberian Men complain that we like Nigerian Men, but the people know how to take care of their women. Liberian Men only want give you 20.00usd and want to finish all your energy for that small amount they gave you”, Ms. Linda Richard’s, another single Liberian lady said.

In the meantime, when The Liberian Billboard contacted some Liberian men on the issue, they said there are two reasons they give women US$20.00 when they request for money these days. A spokesman for a group of Liberian Men our team encountered at an entertainment center in Sinkor, Monrovia, told our reporters, “The first reason is economic reason reason. Your know we are in pro-poor time, no money, so we are giving 20usd yet until the country get stable”. Another reason stated by the group spokesman said, women almost always ask for money, so that’s a strategy Liberian Men have devised to limit the amounts spent on their requests. “For example, the woman will have 20 slippers and sandals and she still want buy more, or she will fix her hair this week, and after two weeks, she wants to fix new one. Since we can’t tell them no when they ask us, we decided to give them 20usd small small until it reach their targeted amounts to fix their hair or buy stuffs. That way, the every two weeks hair fixing hair will drop to one month because they have to put susu like four or five times with the 20usd to get the full amount to fix the hair”, the group spokesman said. He said, the strategy is working, and if Liberian Men were not farsighted, many would have died dressing their women.

When asked about the risk of losing their women to foreigners because of the small amount of money they give their women, the group of men said, those are all empty threats as only Liberian Men understand Liberian Women.