Lewis Browne Out, Dee-Maxwell Kemaya In


New York, USA- Liberia ambassador to the United Nations, Lewis Browne, has been recalled from his post.

Reasons for Ambassador Browne’s recall was not mentioned, however, in a letter from Foreign Minister Milton Gbehzongar Findley, dated August 20, 2018, his recall was based on an instruction from President George Weah. The former boss of LPRC and the Ministry of Information was directed to provide the names of his family members for the purpose of transporting them back to Liberia.

The Letter of Recall sent to Amb. Lewis Browne by Minister Findley

In response to the Foreign Minister Letter, Amb. Lewis Browne expressed his appreciation to President George Weah for giving him the opportunity to serve the country at the United Nations for the past seven month. He also conveyed his hope for the continuous success of the government and promised to work with the Deputy Minister for Administration at the Foreign Ministry to facilitate his return to Liberia.

Amb. Browne’s response to Minister Findley

Meanwhile, President George Weah has appointed Mr. Dee-Maxwell Kemaya, Chairman of MOVEE, to replace Amb. Browne as Liberia’s Ambassador to the United Nations. Mr. Kemaya is one of several political parties leaders who pledged their support to President Weah during the second round of the 2017 elections. His appointment takes immediate effect pending confirmation by the Liberian Senate.