Christoph flaunts new “boo” on social media; throws shade at Ex


Monrovia- What seems like a “happy-sad” love story has been swimming around timelines of Liberians on social media in recent days, when Liberian Musical star Christopher Nyenga known by the stage name Christoph posted a series of pictures of he and his new fiance on his official Facebook page.

The “Hold Your Polaruh” and “Gbana Man” star has not been far from controversy, with a long standing beef he had with another Liberian Musician, CoZ Kamakazie just recently settled. Beginning July 31, 2018, Christoph who was known to be in a relationship with Benita Urey, the daughter of Liberian Business tycoon and former Presidential Candidate Benoni Urey, posted pictures of he and this unknown beau with the caption “Woomi Ooo” signifying a direct shot at his Ex.

Chrisoph and his new “boo” pose as he gives the middle finger sign
Christoph and his new “boo” pose funny
Christoph bluffs with his new “boo”
Chrstoph Facebook Post introducing his new “boo”


A Facebook Post by Christoph expressing sympathy to his boo for a loss
Benita and Christoph during happy times

Rumors of a breakup between Benita and Christoph has been filtering Social Media for sometime now, however, these recent posts by Christoph confirms these rumors in totality. There were various reasons given for the breakup between Benita and Christoph. One source told The Liberian Billboard that it was Benita who left the relationship because of the Musical Star constant cheating habits. The source said, “Benita really used to love Christoph, but he used to cheat on the girl very much and hurt her feelings on several occasions. The lil girl couldn’t take it anymore”. On the contrary, another source who is close to Christoph told our correspondent that Benita was very insecure and that attitude of hers used to cause her to behave in disorderly manners, for which Christoph saw as a threat to his career. The source told The Liberian Billboard that on several occasions, the former couples got into arguments and sometimes fights, and that the relationship was almost always tensed. “Christoph was tire with it, and had to call it a quit man”, the source said.


Former love birds Christoph and Benita

With neither of those rumors independently confirmed by The Liberian Billboard, if both are true, then Christoph and Benita still have problems ahead. If Christoph is really a cheater as the source hinted, then his new boo has a lot to put up with. Exposing a relationship on Social Media is just not the win, the real win is the love that is experienced in the relationship and that comes with a lot. For Benita, rumors of her aggressiveness is somehow believable, as many times, she has been seen on Social Media pages engaged in verbal tussle with other people. During the 2017 campaign period, Benita got into a fight with former Miss. Liberia Meenakshi Subremani at a local club in Monrovia which also involved her elder sister Telia for the purpose of defending her. A new relationship for Benita will also need some serious adjustments.

When it was rosy between Benita and Christoph

In the meantime, information gathered by our reporters says, Christoph will be dropping an album very soon. Details of the album is not available yet, but from the “Woomi” captions the star has been using in recent times, fans believe it will be the title of the album. With a new album and a sexy new chic, Christoph might just be on his way for something mighty!!!!!