Breaking News: LFA financial officials caught on tape discussing corrupt deals and operations

Mr. Jallah Corvah, treasurer of the LFA (left) and Mr. James Payne, Accountant of the LFA (right)

Monrovia- What has been considered as mere hearsay over the years, have finally bored fruits of evidence, with officials of the Liberian Football Association who have always been accused of massive corruption, caught on tape arguing about various acts of corruption.

The 12-mins long tape allegedly has the voices of LFA Treasurer Jallah Corvah, Accounts Officer, Joseph Sheriff and Accountant James Payne. In the tape, the men seem to have disagreements over some power issues and the ensuing argument pushed them to throw jabs at each other, thereby revealing in-depth information of corrupt practices within the financial department of the Liberia Football Association.

Although The Liberian Billboard can’t independently verify the voices in the recording, Jallah and Payne can be heard arguing that they have carried out many corrupt-related transactions which have led to employees of the LFA not getting paid for several months. Corvah can be heard telling Payne, “You enjoyed from the spoiled system. When we divide the money here, you can eat it, then you come here to talk about false documents and we make you benefit from it”.

In his response to Corvah, Payne said, “The payroll I can carry is not the real payroll. Ansu Dulleh and you Jallah opened a separate and bogus account for the Antoinette Tubman Stadium without the leadership of the LFA knowing.” Payne said, the account was closed based on his recommendations after former Vice President of the LFA Sekou Konneh discovered that Ansu Dulleh, who was chairman of competitions could not account for large sums of money he received. Corvah denied the allegations levied against him, and said, he and Dulleh did not open any bogus account, but accused Payne of undermining him because he (Payne) wants his job. However, Treasurer Jallah Corvah admitted that all of them in the department have done some dirty practices and acknowledged that they all have made some mistakes.

LFA President, Mr. Musa Hassan Bility

The LFA Treasurer is not a stranger to controversy, as sometime ago, he was accused of presenting fake documents to the FIFA auditing team which visited Liberia in December. The auditors visited Liberia to conduct audit on the world football governing body financial support to Liberia, and discovered that US$600,000.00 could not be accounted for. The Liberian Football Association has over the years been accused of financial malpractices, which have impeded the development of football in Liberia, thereby making the country noncompetitive in major competitions.

Both men could not be reached for comments, meanwhile, the Executive Committee of the LFA is expected to convene a special meeting to look into the recording, and if found culpable of any wrongdoing, three men will be suspended while further investigation is being conducted.