Along with Arsene Wegner, two former Lonestar Coaches receive Liberia’s highest honor


Monrovia, Liberia- Two former coaches of the Liberian National team have received the nation’s highest honor.

Frank Jericho Nagbe and Vava George were honored alongside Arsene Wegner, Claude Le Roy and former Ghanaian President, John Kuffor; plus other Liberians.

Debates around the program which have been receiving heavy criticisms from the opposition, centered around Coaches Wegner and Le Roy. Members of the opposition contention was, the award is the nation’s highest honor and as such, should not be given to foreign sportsmen, but people who have served society in different capacities. They said, the President was giving the awards to Arsene Wegner and Claude Le Roy only because they did something personal for him, and not society in general. Furthermore, other opposition members also said, no Liberian was being honored, a case which proved otherwise at the ceremony today.

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change members and partisans fired back saying, both Wegner and Le Roy deserve the honors because they impacted the live of President Weah who has been impacting the Liberian society long before he became President. They said, had it not been for Le Roy who spotted the President playing in Cameroon, and Wegner who took him to England, the thousands of Liberians he has helped wouldn’t have received those assistance and impacts they received.

Meanwhile, many Liberians have hailed the President for honoring the two veteran Liberian Coaches, and term it as one of the most humble thing they have seen him do. Some Liberians who spoke to The Liberian Billboard after seeing the men being honored,  said, it is a good mode of appreciation on the part of the President since he also played under both men guidance at the National Team level. In addition, they urged the President to honor more Liberians that have made positive impacts in the Liberian society in the coming years.