Happening now….. Heavy Rains wreak havoc on Monrovia and its environs


Heavy rains in  Monrovia and its environs have caused flooding, impeded travels and caused residents to be stranded in several locations in and around the city.

According to our correspondent in Monrovia, the rain which begun since Friday, July 13, 2018, has caused serious flooding in the city, making many residents to lose valuable properties as well as causing heavy traffic in the city. Many residents who spoke to The Liberian Billboard expressed frustration at the constant flooding every rainy season and want the government to do something urgently about it. Mr. Boakai Kiazolu who lives around the Clara Town area and a civil engineer told our reporters that the main cause of flooding in Monrovia is the blocking of the drainage system by dirts and unregulated constructions. He said, many of the stores and residential buildings constructed between Freeport and Vai Town on Bushrod Island were built on drainages and as such, when it rains, the water has nowhere to flow. He said that the only way the problem can be really solved, is for the government to take some hard actions such as demolishing some buildings and facilities that are situated over those drainage systems. When asked about other areas that were affected, Mr. Kiazolu cited the same problems and said that government needs to organize a team of engineers at the Ministry of Public works and Lands and Mines to do an urgent study which will find solutions to the problem.

Meanwhile, the government through the Ministry of Public Works said they are accessing the situation and will act on it in the soonest. A spokesperson for the Ministry who spoke on condition of anonymity said the President is very concerned about the situation and have instructed the Public Works Minister to devise a plan at curbing the problem as soon as possible. Areas largely affected by flooding include the Freeport-Clara Town-Vai Town belt, Topoe Village and other areas on Somalia Drive, Old Road Junction and some areas in Sinkor. Recent reports says the rains have stopped but many areas are still submerged in water and residents in those areas remain homeless.

The Liberian Billboard will continue to follow developments.