Breaking News…. President George Weah announces 14cents per gallon reduction in gasoline price


The President of the Republic of Liberia His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah has announced that there will be a 14cents  per gallon reduction in the price of gasoline beginning tomorrow. July 20, 2018.

The President made the announcement when he spoke during the dedication of the new annex of the Capitol building in Monrovia on Thursday. President Weah said, he understands the plight of the Liberia people and is doing everything in his power, along with his economic team, to make sure that the current economic crisis is addressed. He also thanked the government of China through her government for her contributions to Liberia’s infrastructure development and said, Liberia will continue to be a great bilateral partner to China.

In the meantime, President George Weah cautioned Liberians to learn how to maintain various facilities around the country. Addressing the Speaker of the House Dr. Bhofal Chambers directly, he said, “Liberia problem is not about having good buildings, but the lack of maintenance is the issue”. He asked that the Capitol building, especially the bathrooms be kept clean and decent at all times to enable visitors and guests use it as an example to keep their own places clean. Closing his remarks, President Weah called on the opposition to put off their campaign mode and join the government to work for the betterment of Liberia. Dr. Weah stated, “During my time in the opposition, I served as Peace Ambassador, then Senator. I worked along with the past government. We are are here for six years. That six years mean I am your President too. If you work with me now, at the end of my term, you can continue from where I stop”.

The reduction in gasoline price by 14 cents will be a great relief on Liberians. Currently, Liberians are paying more than US$5.00 per gallon, thereby causing high transportation fares even for very short distances.