Breaking News: In retaliation to government new transportation fares, Commercial Drivers go on strike


Monrovia- In what seems like a retaliation to the Government of Liberia new transportation fares list issued by the Ministry of Transport, Commercial Drivers in Monrovia and around the country have gone on strike; many refusing to put their cars on the road for commuting purposes.

Reports from Monrovia indicates, people are walking in large numbers to their various destinations due to lack of commercial vehicles, and some commuters are even seen commuting in trucks and at the back of pickups. Although there were no formal announcements by the drivers or Federation of Road Transport Union about this strike, however, from observation, the drivers planned the whole scenario secretly. Information available to The Billboad states that drivers are angry because the new transportation fares list issued by the Ministry of Transport doesn’t conform with the current price of gasoline. Drivers are contesting that at the rate at which the fares have been reduced, the government should also reduce gas price too.

There have been no official word from the Government of Liberia, but Liberians who spoke to The Liberian Billboard said, the issue today remind them of our civil crisis when many commuting were done by the human legs. There is no indication as to when the strike will end but we will bring you more developments. This is a developing story.