Breaking News….. Foreign Minister Gbehzongar Milton Findley in hot water!!!


Reports reaching the The Liberian Billboard says, Foreign Minister Gbezongar Milton Findley has fallen off with President George Weah as a result of foreign policy differences.

According to our sources, Min. Findley was strongly against President Weah’s recent trip to Russia and advised him strongly against it. Minister Findley contentions was that any bilateral related trip to Russia by the Liberian President will be seen as an affront to the United States who has been Liberia traditional partner and highest provider of foreign aid and grants. However, the likes of Ministers of State and Finance, Nathaniel McGill and Samuel Tweah, and Deputy Foreign Minister Elias Shoniyin and the President’s de-facto Ambassador-At-Large, Emmanuel Shaw counteracted Findley’s claim and told the President that the trip will be in Liberia’s interest. Our sources further revealed that the four men then initiated a plan to convince the President to fire Findley, especially with him standing in the way of a purported US$300,000.00 cut on a Russia-Liberia bilateral deal. Relations between the President and Minister Findley is strained at the moment and further investigation revealed that the President has refused to see Findley since he returned from a recent trip out of the country. If Findley is fired by President Weah, he will be the first high-profile government official to be fired from the CDC led government since it took office in January 2018.

In the meantime, some foreign policy experts who are familiar with the news expressed skepticism in Liberia’s approach to any bilateral relations with Russia. Some former and current diplomats told The Liberian Billboard that this action on the part of Liberian government could taint Liberia’s long standing relationship with the United States and might affect us economically, especially with the United States being our largest donor. Efforts to reach Ministers McGill, Tweah, Shoniyin as well as Mr. Shaw by our reporters proved futile. Meanwhile, The Liberian Billboard will keep exerting every effort to get their side of the story.