Breaking Development…. Hon. Acarous Gray and Musa Hassan Bility spotted chatting, hugging and smiling; genuine reconciliation or political stunt for the cameras?


Monrovia- What seemed in recent times like a political thunderstorm between Liberty Party Musa Hassan Bility the CDC’s District 8 Representative Acarous Gray may have come to an end after the pair was seen in a friendly space.

Honorables Gray and Bility have been involved in a social media warfare since the idea about impeaching Justice Kabineh Ja’neh was announced. In sharp response to Honorables Acarous Gray and Thomas Fallah announcement, Mr. Musa Bility posted on his Facebook page that the two lawmakers were trying to threatened Liberia’s democracy. Hon. Acarous Gray who does not back down from any intellectual warfare responded with several attacks directed at Mr. Bility and Justice Ja’neh. The seesaw attacks between both men got very heated and personal at times that observers started to speculate that there were more to it than just political disagreements. However, few days ago, the pair was spotted engaged in a long and friendly chat, smiling at intervals and at one point, even hugging each other. Gray and Bility encountered each other at the Samuel Kayon Doe Sports Complex when the Legislature was going against the Ministry of State in a friendly football match as part of Liberia’s 171st Independence Celebration. The two men were flanked by Rep. Edwin Melvin Snowe of Bomi County Senjeh District and Speaker Bhofal Chambers and were smiling joyously as the two men were engaged in their exchanges. Few hours ago, Hon. Musa Bility took to Facebook and posted photos of the interaction with the caption, “Football gave me the chance I never would have been given. And it was frank and friendly. We are stronger together”. The highlight of the comments under the post was that of Hon. Edwin Snowe who commented, “The difference between men and boys…. It is always a difficult thing when your brother/friends seem to be at odds but when leadership sinks in, the rest becomes history”.

In the meantime, while these recent friendly interactions between both men might seem unifying, some Liberians are very skeptical about the whole thing. Few CDCians who spoke to The Liberian Billboard told us that Honorable Gray was being diplomatic and cordial but will still follow through on the impeachment process. They said when Gray starts any political process, he never withdraws until he sees it through. Members of the opposition who also spoke to our correspondents cited the whole debacle as a political stunt being flaunted mainly by Gray. They said Hon. Musa Bility should not trust the hug and smiles of Gray as even Jesus was kissed by Judas.

It can be recalled, Representatives Gray and Fallah last week submitted a Bill of Impeachment against Justice Kabineh Ja’neh of the Supreme Court on the floors of the Liberian House of Representatives. This bill when voted for consideration will begin impeachment proceedings against the Associate Justice which if impeached will be the first of its kind in Liberian History.